Violinist Erzhan Kulibaev held a Masterclass for highschool students in Sibiu
by on September 22, 2017 in

More than 100 highschool students and teachers from the Arts High School in Sibiu met yesterday with one of the most captivating and talented violin players – Erzhan Kulibaev, at a special event organized by the ‚Play’ Cultural Association.


After the concert he held on Monday, September 18, at the Thalia Hall as part of the “George Enescu Recitals in Sibiu” project, Erzhan Kulibaev decided to go the next day to the Arts High School to share advice with the youngest aspirants to a career in music: “This is the first time I attend the Enescu Festival as a guest. It is a prestigious and interesting festival, especially due to Enescu’s personality. He was a genius, his music is special. Thanks to this festival, the whole world will come to know more about Romania’s culture, about Enescu’s music. So far, I’ve been five times to Bucharest, but it’s my first time ever in Sibiu. It gave me great pleasure to play for the audience here. It was an attentive audience. There was a moment of silence so intense that you could hear the flight of a fly. For a musician, it’s a real pleasure to play in such an atmosphere.


As for the meeting I had with the younger generation, I must say that starting this year, I am also a teacher. It is a new experience for me and whenever I have the opportunity, I enjoy talking with younger colleagues, helping them with advice. For example, if they interpret something wrong, and I can help them tackle this problem, I will do it gladly. I think this experience is useful also for me, as a teacher can learn new things from each and every student. That’s why I’m always open to help if someone needs it. Currently I’m teaching in Madrid, in a very good school, that is offering scholarships. Anyone wanting to study with me is welcome”, Erzhan Kulibaev said after he met the highschool students.


The Director of the Arts High School in Sibiu, Daniela Sacarelis declared that such moments are rare and she expressed her wish that students present at the meeting took into consideration all the advice Erzhan Kulibaev had given them: “I think this meeting with a great musician is both for students, but also for us, teachers, a unique experience, a great transfer of positive energy. I wish our students took many good things from this great artist, things that can help them in their future career as musicians, especially when they will play on the big stages of the country and the world.”


The Masterclass supported by Erzhan Kulibaev was organized by the ‚Play’ Cultural Association.