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Erzhan Kulibaev started to play violin at the age of six. Graduated from The Central Special Music School of Moscow State Conservatory P. I. Tchaikovsky. Since 2004 studies in the class of the professor Zakhar Bron at The Queen Sofia High School of Music in Madrid.

He is a winner of five first prizes in the International violin competitions: Demidovski International violin competition (2003, First Prize and two Special prizes), International violin competition in Lisbon (2006, First Prize and Special prize for the best interpretation of a work by L. Graça), International violin competition in Novosibirsk (2007, First Prize and special prize of Paloma O’Shea), Paul Hindemith International violin competition in Berlin (2010, First Prize, Gold medal and Special prize for the best interpretation of a work by Robert Schumann.),  First Prize and Premio Tango for best interpretation of an argentine tango at the Buenos Aires International Violin Competition (2012).

In 2011 he was awarded with the Honorary Distinction and the right to use the title of Laureat of the 14th Henryk Wieniawski competition in Poznan (2011, prize of the youth jury donate by Volkswagen, special prize: a italian violin made by Giovanni Battista Guadagnini).

Winner of "Washington Award" 2014 of S&R Foundation.

Played as a soloist with the orchestras: Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra, Sinfonia Iuventus Warsaw, Amadeus Chamber Orchestra of Polish Radio, The Symphony Orchestra of Castilla y Leon, Rzeszów Philharmonic Orchestra, The Chamber Orchestra of the Philharmonic Society of Moscow, St Petersburg State Capella Chamber Orchestra, The Symphony Orchestra of Yucatan, The"Astana-Opera" Symphony Orchestra, The Symphony Orchestra of the State Conservatory of Novosibirsk, The Symphony Orchestra of  The Queen Sofia High School of Musik, The Alicante University Filarmonic Orchestra, Sinfonietta Cracovia Orchestra, Philharmonia Pomorska Symphony Orchestra, Polish Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, Kraków Philharmonic Orchestra, Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra, working with such renowned conductors as Ashkenazy, Dutsmal, Kiradjiev, Kosek, Mukhitdinov, Ignat, Payare, Posada, Pijarowski, Rajski, Salwarowski, Strugala, Vengerov, Wojciechowski.

Erzhan Kulibaev performed concerts in Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Latvia, Mexico, ?orocco, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, USA,  France, Switzerland and Japan.

Since 2006 performs concerts in the Auditorio Nacional, participated in a series of concerts “Zakhar Bron and His School”. In 2010 performed in Berlin Konzerthaus as a winner of P. Hindemith competition.

In 2005-2006 participated in The International Festival of Music in the city of Santander (Spain), Estío Musical Burgalés, Otoño Musical Soriano, Classical Music Festival in Riga, Festival de Música Clásica en Kasama (Japan). Played recitals in Juan march Foundation. In 2006, 2010 and 2011 was rewarded with an Honorary Diploma by the Queen of Spain and performed in the Royal Palace of  Pardo.

Among the highlights of his career in the past few seasons have been tours with the The Symphony Orchestra of the Queen Sofia High School of Music, conducted by the Maestro Vladimir Ashkenazi, performed a series of concerts in the main concert halls of  Spain, among them the Madrid National Auditorium, Congress and Music Hall Euscalduna in Bilbao. The concert in the Madrid National Auditorium is repeatedly broadcasted on the National Spanish Television. Tours with Alejandro Posada with The Symphony Orchestra of Castilla y Leon in Spain. Tours with The Alicante University Filarmonic Orchestra and Mihnea Ignat in Spain.

In 2013 performed at 17th Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival in Warsaw, Henryk Wieniawski Festival, LongLake Festival in Lugano and in Crans-Montana Classics festival with Itamar Golan.

In September and October 2013, toured in Argentina's main cities: Buenos-Aires, Tandil, Parana, Mar del Plata, Salta, San Juan, San Carlos de Bariloche, San Martin de los Andes, Villa La Angostura. Recitals with Paula Peluso, concerts with Salta Symphony Orchestra y Jorge Lhez, Mar del Plata Symphony Orchestra y Emir Saul, San Juan Chamber Orchestra y Gustavo Plis Sterenberg, "Estacion Buenos-Aires" Chamber Orchestra y Rafael Gintoli.

In August 2014 played on festival "Chopin and his Europe" in Warsaw.

As invited soloist, participates in the first world tour of theater "Astana-Opera" (October, 2014), during tour he played in "Carnegie-Hall", "Sony Center for Performing arts" in Toronto and "Opera Bastille" in Paris.


Sample Recital Programs 1

  • J. Brahms Sonata n3
  • C. Debussy sonata
  • E. Bloch "Nigun"
  • J. Bizet- F. Waxman "Carmen-Fantasie"

Sample Recital Programs 2

  • E. Granados Sonata for violin and piano
  • C. Franck sonata
  • E. Chausson Poeme
  • Saint-Saens "Introduction and Rondo-capriccioso"

Sample Recital Programs 3

  • L. V. Beethoven sonata n7
  • F. Poulenc sonata
  • C. Saint-Saens Havanaise
  • M. Ravel Tzigane

Violin concertos

  • J. S. Bach - Concerto a-moll
  • J. S. Bach - Concerto E-dur
  • J. S. Bach - Concerto for two violins d-moll
  • L.V.Beethoven - Concerto D-dur
  • S. Barber - Violin concerto
  • B. Bartok - Concerto №1
  • M. Bruch - Concerto №1 g-moll
  • J. Brahms - Concerto D-dur
  • A. Khachaturian - Violin concerto
  • E. Korngold - Violin concerto
  • E.Lalo - "Simfonie Espagnole"
  • F.Mendelssohn Bartholdy - Concerto d-moll
  • F.Mendelssohn Bartholdy - Concerto op.64 e-moll
  • W.A.Mozart - Concerto №3 KV216 G-dur
  • W.A.Mozart - Concerto №4 KV218 D-dur
  • W.A.Mozart - Concerto №5 KV219 A-dur
  • W.A.Mozart - Sinfonia concertante in E-flat major K364/320b
  • N.Paganini - Concerto №1 D-dur
  • A. Piazzolla, L. Desyatnikov - Cuatro estaciones porteñas
  • S.Prokofiev - Concerto №1 D-dur
  • S.Prokofiev - Concerto №2 g-moll
  • D.Schostakovich - Concerto №1 A-moll
  • R. Schumann - Concerto in d-minor
  • J. Sibelius - Concerto d-moll
  • K. Szymanowski - Concerto №1
  • P. I. Tchaikovsky - Concerto D-dur
  • A. Vivaldi - The Four Seasons (Le quattro stagioni)
  • H. Wieniawski - Concerto №1 fis-moll
  • H. Wieniawski - Concerto №2 d-moll

Violin solo pieces

  • J. S. Bach - Sonata for violin solo a-moll
  • J. S. Bach - Partita for violin solo d-moll
  • B. Bartok - Sonata for violin solo
  • N.Paganini - Capricci № 1, 2, 4, 9, 11, 12
  • N.Paganini - Capricci № 15, 17, 20, 23, 24
  • N.Paganini - Nel cor piu non mi sento
  • A. Schnittke - A Paganini
  • E. Ysaÿe - Sonata for violin solo № 1, 2, 3
  • E. Ysaÿe - Sonata for violin solo № 4, 5, 6

Piano quartets and quintets

  • W. A. Mozart - Piano Quartet № 1 KV 478
  • D. Schostakovich - Piano Quintet op.57
  • R. Schumann - Piano Quartet op.47
  • R. Schumann - Piano Quintet op.44

Piano Trios

  • L. Beethoven - Piano Trio № 1 op.1
  • L. Beethoven - Kakadu Variations op.121 a
  • J. Brahms - Piano Trio № 1
  • J. Brahms - Piano Trio № 2
  • E. Chausson - Piano Trio op.3
  • W. A. Mozart - Piano Trio KV 542
  • F. Schubert - Piano Trio № 2 op.100
  • R. Schumann - Piano Trio № 1 op.63
  • P. I. Tchaikovsky - Piano Trio op.50

Violin and piano sonatas

  • J. S. Bach - Sonata for violin and harpsichord E-dur
  • W. A. Mozart - Sonata B-dur KV454
  • L. Beethoven - Sonata № 3 Es-dur
  • L. Beethoven - Sonata № 4 a-moll
  • L. Beethoven - Sonata № 5 c-moll
  • L. Beethoven - Sonata № 7 d-moll
  • L. Beethoven - Sonata № 8 G-dur
  • L. Beethoven - Sonata № 9 A-dur
  • L. Beethoven - Sonata №10 G-dur
  • J. Brahms - Sonata № 2 A-dur
  • J. Brahms - Sonata № 3 d-moll
  • C. Debussy - Sonata
  • C. Franck - Sonata A-dur
  • E. Grieg - Sonata № 3 c-moll
  • L. Janacek - Sonata
  • W. A. Mozart - Sonata KV 305
  • S. Prokofiev - Sonata № 1 f-mol
  • S. Prokofiev - Sonata № 2 D-dur
  • R. Schuman - Sonata № 1 a-moll
  • R. Strauss - Sonata Es-dur op.18
  • G. Tartini - Devil's Trill Sonata
  • J. Turina - Sonata № 1
  • H. Villa-Lobos - Sonata № 1
  • H. Villa-Lobos - Sonata № 2

Violin and piano pieces

  • L. Beethoven - Romanza № 1 G-dur
  • L. Beethoven - Romanza № 2 F-dur
  • A. Bazzini - La Ronde des Lutins op.25
  • E. Bloch - "Nigun" Improvisation
  • G. Bizet, F. Waxman - Carmen Fantasy
  • E. Chausson - Poeme
  • M. de Falla - Suite populair espagnole
  • W. A. Mozart - Adagio E-dur
  • W. A. Mozart - Rondo G-dur
  • C. Saent-Saens - Introduction and Rondo Capricioso
  • C. Saent-Saens - Havanaise
  • C. Saent-Saens - Ysaÿe "Etude en forme de Valse"
  • N. Paganini - Le streghe
  • N. Paganini - I Palpiti
  • N. Paganini - Variations Moise sur la corde sol
  • M. Ravel - Tzigane
  • P. Sarasate - Gypsy Airs
  • P. Sarasate - Caprice basque
  • P. Sarasate - Habanera
  • P. Sarasate - Carmen Fantasy
  • P. Sarasate - Aires Bohemios, op.20
  • K. Szymanovski - La Fontaine d’Arethuse
  • P. I. Tchaikovski - Valse-Scerzo
  • P. I. Tchaikovski - Melody
  • P. I. Tchaikovski - Scerzo
  • H. Wieniawski - Polonaise № 2 D-dur
  • H. Wieniawski - Originalthema mit Variationen, op.15
  • H. Wieniawski - Scherzo tarantelle op.16

String quartets

  • L. Beethoven - String Quartet op. № 2
  • L. Beethoven - String Quartet op.18 № 6
  • A. Borodin - String Quartet № 2
  • C. Debussy - String Quartet op.10
  • W. A. Mozart - String Quartet № 15
  • D. Schostakovich - String Quartet № 7
  • D. Schostakovich - String Quartet № 8

Duets for violins

  • S. Prokofiev - Sonata for two violins
  • P. Sarasate - Navarra
  • L. Spohr - Violin Duet op.67 № 2


  • L. Boccherini - Quintet for Flute an Strings in G major
  • L. Boccherini - Quintet for Flute an Strings in F major
  • A. Dvorak - Terzetto op.74
  • Z. Kodály - String Trio Serenade op.12



  • Erzhan Kulibaev plays Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 35

    Erzhan Kulibaev plays Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 35
  • 14th International Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition 2011 (Stage 3)

    14th International Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition 2011 (Stage 3)
  • Wieniawski 2nd Violin Concerto at 14th Wieniawski Competition (Stage 4)

    Wieniawski 2nd Violin Concerto at 14th Wieniawski Competition (Stage 4)
  • ‘Nigun’ from Baal Shem | Queen Elisabeth Violin Competition | 2012

    ‘Nigun’ from Baal Shem | Queen Elisabeth Violin Competition | 2012
  • Erzhan Kulibaev (Kazajstán)

    Erzhan Kulibaev (Kazajstán)
  • Erzhan Kulibaev plays Szymanowski Violin Concerto n1 Op. 35

    Erzhan Kulibaev plays Szymanowski Violin Concerto n1 Op. 35


  • Erzhan Kulibaev is winner of “Washington Award” 2014
    S&R Foundation Announces: 2014

    Promising Artists will be formally recognized at May 30 S&R Washington Awards Gala at Halcyon House in Georgetown.

    WASHINGTON – January 15, 2015 – S&R Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports talented individuals with high aspirations in the arts, sciences, and social entrepreneurship, today announced the winners of the 2014 S&R Washington Award – including one Grand Prize winner.

    This year’s recipients will be officially honored at the S&R Washington Awards Gala on Saturday, May 30 at Halcyon House, in Washington, DC.

    “Our goal with the S&R Washington Award is to honor highly talented individuals who display outstanding ability and artistic excellence, and to support those who contribute to an international cultural dialogue that is a key component of S&R Foundation’s core mission,” said Dr. Sachiko Kuno, CEO and President of S&R Foundation. “The 2014 Award winners are dynamic artists who are engaged with their communities and with audiences worldwide. We applaud their drive and aspirations and are proud to support them towards the next steps in their creative development.”

    Erzhan Kulibaev – Winner of five first prizes in prestigious international violin competitions and several additional honors over the past decade, Kulibaev has performed as a soloist with a wide array of orchestras throughout Europe, the U.S. and Asia. He has also earned acclaim performing at several European Festivals, establishing himself as a significant voice in classical music. A highly gifted violinist, Kulibaev is on the cusp of an extraordinary international career and the Washington Award will bring him to DC audiences for the first time.


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